gayathri alias g3

I’m a coooool gal who adores RaIn, StaR Studded nights, CooL Sea ShoRes….. Who belives in LoVe ,in LiFe,in Al MigHty….in ReVoLUtioN… Who loVes to walk in raiN, who JuMps in a puddle, just to splash friends #WiNk#…. one who loves to love n to be loved,..who loves kids,who accept others as d way they r… one who seldom cares about gossips, misunderstandings n evils in life…..[truth may not be belivable, but lies are often] one who admire d beauty of both roses n thorns.. one who enjoy both smiles n tears in life… one who lyk d perfection of imperfections, who belives herself as a hyper-crazy para-normal one who wish to do smthing to make this world a better place to live…smthing to enrich lives ,empower hearts … enlight souls….. thats me….gayathri….simply g3


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  1. jibin said,

    my sweet G3

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