February 24, 2010

5 Ways to Feel Better in Difficult Times

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As much as we hear a spiritual evolution is at hand, in many ways we still live in a very physical, down and dirty world. It can feel like you are competing in a 10K with a bum leg.

Whether you are fighting  with your beloved or negotiating with your creditors, this is simply not the life you imagined for yourself. The truth is when people tell you how good life is, sometimes you just want to slap them.

You understand the concept of having a positive attitude — you are not a moron. But the reality is you have another emi payment due, and not enough money in the bank. Okay, let’s all agree, this sucks. You have people counting on you—you wife/husband, you son, your ex-wife, your
friends,house owner, your IRS agent, your Mom, etc, etc.

Now that we are on the same page (facing the reality that life is not fair) what can you do about it? Here are five practical things you can do to ease the pain, these steps really worked for me.:

1. Write. If you’ve never gotten in the habits on putting your thoughts on paper, start now. Keep a pad and pen next to your nightstand, next to your coffee pot, in your bathroom, on your kitchen counter, and on your bed.

When you have a predominate feeling, write it down. Pissed off? Write it down. Feeling blue? Write it down. Feeling anxious? Write it down.What were you thinking about when this feeling came up? What part of your body did it come from? What does it make you feel like doing? Write it down.

2. Visualize. Let’s say you just had a passing thought of how your wife screamed at you two days ago (in front of your son). Okay, you have her picture in your mind, and your son is there next to you, wincing on cue—like father, like son. Change the face of your wife.Put in Santa’s face instead. He got the white beard, the big ruby cheeks, the bright red hat with the puffy ball—the whole she bang.

Instead of your wifes’ sweet raspy voice, you hear Santa joyfully ask you and your son what would make you happy. Santa says, “You name it,you got!” Cut to you and your boy—excited with anticipation.( I may sound child-like but it works dude, in my case I replaced my ex- boss face)

3. Breathe. Once you have wiggled your way to a happier state of mind, breathe. Breathe deeply three or four times. Focus on you’re the breath coming in and your tummy rising. Breathe out, focusing on your body decompressing. Allow you breath to get to a normal, even place so that it feels balanced. Notice an energy moving from inside you, and experience the sensation it brings.

4. Meditate. Allow whatever thoughts you have to be there. If Santa is still there, that’s great. If your wife/boss reappeared, so be it. Don’t judge the clips of flashing thoughts, simply observe them as if you were watching the picnic videos/ cricket . Know that you have no control over what happens on the field in front of you. Begin to see that there are really no good or bad actions, only different ones.Enjoy the variety and contrast-it makes for an enjoyable game.

5. Practice this new perspective in the real world.

By this time you have your eyes open, and there is no Santa, and no wife/boss in front of you. Your thoughts are still moving in and out of your consciousness, but you do not feel controlled by them. Your problems have not disappeared but you start to look at them in a new way. You do not allow yourself to become emotionally reactive to events that take place( its’ quiet hard for a sensitve soul but it works to a large extend if you can offer a constant effort). Then you tackle your problems objectively, like a surgeon removing cancerous matter from an open body.

Your dispassionate focus allows your mind to be clear of unnecessary,disparaging thoughts and emotions. Through this clear lens, problems become challenges, and challenges become opportunities for learning.When a so-called problem now arises, you welcome it. Wisdom is one step closer.

The steps listed above may seem a bit simplistic. They are in a way,but what makes them challenging is that they need to be done consistently, every day, throughout the day. There are no easy answers, and no quick fixes to dealing with chaotic events.

A life of greater ease is open to those who possess wisdom and patience — it’s a good thing you were created with these wonderful qualities. Remember that you are made from divine energy, pure source, our inner source. All you have to do is be open, and let it flow.

 I would like to conclude this post by quoting Gibran Khalil Gibran “ How beautiful life is, but how far we are from it?”

Let me add one more g3 point, life always gives choices to remain far or to be close. It ‘s upto us dear… We can make it beautiful…yes we can.


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