February 22, 2010

Tips for phrases you should NOT allow yourself to say to your sweetheart

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Research shows that the quality of a couple’s friendship plays a huge
role in their happiness with their marriage’s romance and passion.

Kindness and helpfulnssssess may not sound like particularly sexy
qualities, but turns out – they are. A recent  New-Gen cartoon
summed this up perfectly. A guy in an SUV is talking into his cell
phone: “Hey, baby, I just dropped the kids off at school, and now I’m
going to the grocery store, and then I’m going home and unloading the
car – am I making you hot?”

I’m working hard to nag less, to say “Thanks” more often, to be more
light-hearted, and to stop slinking away when I see the Big Man doing
a task.

I’m also trying to “fight right” – to use gentle words, keep a sense
of humor, and let the sun go down on my anger.

Here are some phrases I’ve eliminated (I hope) from my conversation.
I’ve learned that you just can’t say such things if you’re trying to
fight right:

Don’t start.
What’s that supposed to mean?
Haven’t we already had this conversation?
Can’t we talk about this later?
Never mind (sigh), it’s not important.
You always do that.
For once, could you XXX without making a big deal about it?
Enough already.
Can’t we just go?
My personal favorite: Can I tell you one thing? (The Big Man has
learned to answer “No!”).

Here’s a truly horrible phrase that I actually did say once, and I
writhe with shame every time I remember it: “I have started hating myself ” Aaaaack!
Can you imagine?


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