February 20, 2010

There is a safe way to Drink.

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I have devoted some of my counseling life to the problems of alcohol and its abuse, so I have spent so much time trumpeting the fact that alcohol is a drug and that alcohol abuse is the most serious drug problem this nation faces. Nonetheless, I believe firmly that alcohol can do more good than harm, for there is a safe way to drink.

Now let me say some boring technical thing to let you know the stuff more clearly. Pharmacologically, alcohol is an anesthetic, not the stimulant. In modern amounts, it appears to stimulate, because it inhibits those brain centers which restrict “less civilized” outbursts, as well as those which make us aware of exhaustion. Then we feel physically abler and emotionally freer. But with increasing doses alcohol put to sleep the brain centers which affect judgment, knowledge and social controls. Sufficient dosage can put us to sleep for keeps, by anaesthetizing those centers which control breathing and heartbeat. (What all theorems I mugged up. Oh my god )

Responsible people, therefore, must choose rather carefully the time, place and circumstances of drinking.  Obviously if you are engaged in some complex mental and physical activities- writing ( nopes I don’t want to state it deliberately), driving, business- it is scarcely appropriate to be under the influence of an anesthetic drug. On the other hand if you are going to be sharing a meal, or some other human interchange (hey don’t misinterpret), in a relaxed way, alcohol can be rewarding adjunct to the experience. – A true servant of man.

An essential point is that there is known safe level of drinking. for me , now is the time to make you faint by pointing some stats, researchers all over the world are independently using the same level to define safe or moderate drinking: 1 ½ ounces of pure alcohol per day-the equivalent of three one- ounce drinks of hundred- proof whisky( which is 50 % alcohol),four eight- ounce glasses of beer( oh no , now am sick of this ounces as I am not getting it properly,)or half a bottle of wine( voila it is certainly a good news for a wine lover like me, glup gulp, ). This limit, of course, is only a statistical average. For some people even one drop of alcohol is too much.  Nor do findings permit saving up one day’s ration in order to drink next day( no smart game plz) At no time a individual wishing to remain within safe limits consume more than 1 ½ ounces of pure alcohol in a single day.

Studies show that the driver who has consumed an amount of alcohol within this limit is no more likely to have an automobile accident than the driver who does not take any alcohol. But beyond this limit, when the blood- alcohol level begins to creep over the .05 percent sober level, the risk of a traffic accident jumps enormously .By the time the blood-alcohol level reaches 0.2 % – the level of most drunk drivers who are arrested- the risk of accident is 100 times that that of the non- drinking driver.

More safer ways in drinking-

  • Manner of drinking is crucial. One should always sip slowly.(reason- alcohol is a highly unusual food stuff in that at least 20% of it is absorbed directly from the stomach into the blood stream without going through any digestive process. Therefore gulping it produces a sudden marked rising blood and hence in the brain.
  • Another rule of safe drinking is that food in the stomach, preferably protein or fatty products. Any experienced drinkers knows, the same dose taken either provide a more pleasant outcome than alcohol on an empty stomach (nay good readers never misunderstand authors intention, I know).
  • A number of other factors also influence our response to a drink. It’s best not to take alcohol when physically and mentally upset, lonely or in need of solace. It is true that alcohol’s anesthetic effect will dull the pain of loneliness. But alcohol is no substitute for another person. In other words don’t drink alone.

It’s also best to drink in a relaxed setting. Regardless of where and how do you drink, what you expect from alcohol is what you get. As with almost all drugs expectation is strongly related to outcome. If you are part of a group that wants to act drunk, even with small doses you’ll feel drunk.

So if you drink. Drink safe


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