February 18, 2010

How do you tackle a girl in trouble

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Friends, Indians, countrymen
what do you do while you tackle a girl in trouble? I know buddies, it’s a tough situation. But anyhow we have to face it know? Here come g3 tips to help you out.

First step is to understand situation. I know she would have done all messy things [we r brilliant in both cluttering and uncluttering] and it won’t be humanly possible mission to underSTAND them at times. You may wonder why I put forward the point of understanding. But u should understand whether that z a problem at all. I mean whether she needs a solution or not. I mean it guys because most of the time they just want someone to listen them. Just do keep listening. /Caps lock- doesn’t give solutions unless they ask for it that time/. You can describe everything later. But at that point of time they crave for your sincere listening. If they abuse you I swear they don’t mean even half of the things they say.

Some don’t dos

1 Don’t argue. This is not the time to put arguments. [There are times and there are ways but ‘later’]
2 Don’t ask questions that time like a journalist
3 Don’t give her advices or commands like a principal ,that’s not the proper time.
4 Don’t pass sarcastic comment. I repeat, don’t expect her to be in a mood to enjoy your comment in that point of time.
She may repeat the same points thousands, don’t think she z repeating such stuff by considering you as partial deaf. She wants to let it out. and all you can do is to help her out by listening it all the time as if you are hearing for the first time[ patience is a real virtue dude]u can hum some song that time but don’t make it loud enough( entry on patience comes soon)

Later on discuss and suggest some points to enhance and channelize her afterthoughts in the right direction

this much for today. Keep watching blog for more stuff


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